About Face offers a variety of facial treatments for all possible skin types and problems. Below is a list of all the facial options we offer. A skin analysis will be done during your facial and your licensed esthetician will advise you which service is best for your skin. They will also recommended a home regimen that will work hand in hand with your professional treatment.
Plan for your facial to take one hour. If you are not sure what you’ll need, just call us to book a basic facial and with our free skin analysis, your esthetician will be able to recommend the best option for you.

Here are the facials we offer:

Hydrofacial $200
Hydro dermabrasion is our most popular facial. While a customized serum is being infused into your skin, a vacuum suction is clearing out debris from deep in your pores. This facial helps improve skin texture and color, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, provides hydration, boosts blood flow, and reduces active breakouts. This facial can also help fade dark acne scars. Your skin is left glowing and nourished.

Nano Infusion $200
This is a non-invasive, safe, and efficient skin care treatment. A custom selected serum is applied to your skin and we glide a nano pen over the serum. Nano infusion penetrates the skin by opening microchannels to deliver the serum deeper than traditional facial massage can. There is no peeling or down time after this facial.

Nano Infusion + Scalp $300
An extension of nano infusion. A serum that promotes hair growth will be placed on your scalp and your scalp will receive nano infusion just like your face.

Microdermabrasion $200
This is a non-invasive procedure that involves using a device with a diamond tip to remove dead cells from the uppermost layer of your skin. This encourages the skin to start producing collagen to generate new skin cells. Microdermabrasion can help with fine lines, clogged pores, enlarged pores, post acne marks, uneven skin texture, and excess oil.

Hydro +Microdermabrasion $250
This facial is a combination of our 2 most popular facials.

Hydro +Dermaplaning $250
This is our most popular facial for brides. This is an amazing facial to get a few days before your big day. Dermaplaning is when a blade is used to manually remove dead skin cells and hair off of your face. Makeup application shouldn’t happen for 24 hours after this facial. Makeup will apply flawlessly.

Signature Facial $120
This is the base of all of our facials. Your skin will be double cleansed, toned, exfoliated, extracted, massaged, and treated with a customized serum and mask. You can also customize any of our facials with a relaxing add on such as a peppermint head massage or a moisturizing hand treatment.

Brightening Facial $130
Galvanic iontophoresis, is a cosmetic electrotherapy treatment for the skin. It boosts the effectiveness of any skin treatment, and because water-soluble substances are presented to the skin, it increases the skin’s ability to absorb, allowing the active ingredients of the facial to penetrate deeper. In this facial we use brightening products on your skin that’s benefits are magnified by applying them with this method.

Express Dermaplane $120
This is a facial with one objective, dermaplaning. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and toned, and then dermaplaned. The facial is completed with a treatment mask.

Dermaplane Detox $175
This is our signature facial with dermaplaning added to the procedure. Dermaplaning is when a blade is used to manually remove dead skin cells and hair off of your face. Makeup application shouldn’t happen for 24 hours after this facial. Makeup will apply flawlessly.

CBD Facial $140
This is our signature facial that is finished with a CBD mask and serum. This will benefit sensitive skin types. CBD facials can restore your skin barrier, balance oil production, and reduce clogged pores.

Collagen Facial $140
Our collagen facial includes lymphatic drainage massage to de-puff your face, and extractions to reduce the appearance of larger pores. We will select all firming and hydrating products, with your treatment mask being the final surge of professional grade firming. The 24 Karat Gold flakes in this mask help stimulate the skin’s electromagnetic field, spurring blood circulation to nourish and repair damaged cells. Helps protect against the environment by fighting free radicals. Delivers anti-aging results by helping to improve elasticity and diminish wrinkles, leaving it lively, plump, and youthful.

Acne Facial $130
This facial is focused on extractions. This facial is best for someone with severe black heads or active breakouts. We will also do an in depth consultation making sure your home care products are helping this skin condition. We work closely with a dermatologist, and will recommend a dual approach with dermatology and esthetics if necessary.

Gua Sha $140
This is a relaxing facial with an extra massage using a gua sha stone. Gua sha de puffs your face, relaxes stiff muscles, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Circulation is increased and it even helps the skin to naturally purge blemish-causing dirt and oils. Gua sha is a lymphatic drainage face massage.

Double Chin Melter $140
This is our signature facial with ultrasound. Ultrasound frequencies break down fat cells, essentially melting them. The body moves these fat cells out of the body. This helps stubborn double chins reduce in size.

Post Acne Dark Spot Repair $150
This is our signature facial with microdermabrasion. We will use the microdermabrasion over acne scars to help diminish them quicker than the body would heal them on their own.

Anti Aging $180
This is our collagen facial with radio frequency added. A radio frequency facial heats the skin, causing it to produce its own collagen. Radio frequency is silent, warm, and comfortable. This facial tightens skin and improves elasticity. We also incorporate and eye treatment in this facial.

Back Detox $120
This is our signature facial on your back. You will lay face down on our facial bed and we will cleanse, tone, exfoliate, extract, and use a treatment serum and mask. This is good for anyone who suffers from breakouts on their back.

Back Detox +Microdermabrasion $240
This is our back detox with the addition of our microdermabrasion machine. This is beneficial for not only active breakouts, but acne scars as well.

Men’s Express Facial $85
This is a faster version of our signature facial. Each step is incorporated, but this express facial takes place in 45 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Men’s Beard Detox $130
This is for the men with beards, long and short. No need to shave your beard before a facial. We will cleanse your beard and make sure you have no breakouts or ingrown hairs in your beard. We will also use high frequency to kill bacteria in your beard. Lastly, we will finish this facial with a beard oil. This is an entire facial on the top half of the face as well.


Peppermint Scalp Treatment Add On $10
During your treatment mask, enjoy a peppermint scalp massage. Peppermint oil stimulates your scalp creating blood flow and activating hair growth.

Hand Treatment Add On $15
Enjoy a hydrating hand massage and hot towels during your facial. We will finish your hand treatment with Red Light Therapy which is anti-aging and has long lasting results.

Hydro Add On $40
Enjoy a preview of our most popular facial. This is a shorter version of our Hydrofacial. This is also a great addition for a signature or acne facial to infuse serums and spot treat problem areas.

Chest Add On $50
Add the entire chest area and you will receive each product on your chest. This is great for someone who experiences breakouts on their chest, or someone who wants to target fine lines and wrinkles on their chest.

Eye Treatment Add On $70
A hydrating eye mask will be applied to your under eye area, and Radio Frequency will be use to tighten skin around eyes and crow’s feet.

Microdermabrasion Add On $40
Enjoy a preview of our micro dermabrasion facial. This is a shorter version of a popular facial machine. This is also a good option for large pores or dark spots.

Please be sure to review our Cancellation Policy & FAQ’s when scheduling your facial.