Brow Lamination – $90

Brow laminations help fill in gaps, give definition, and give the illusion of more hair to sparse brows.

This is done with a 3-step process.

First a cream is applied to the brow to break down the bonds in the brow hairs so they can move freely into their new shape. Next a neutralizing cream is applied to reform brow hairs to their new shape. Finally a hydrating cream is applied to set the brows and cancel out any dryness.

Brows cannot get wet for 24 hours.


Threading – $25

Eyebrow Threading is a chemical-free form of hair removal. At About Face Essentials, we follow the New Jersey Cosmetology State Board’s rules and regulations, so when we thread, a cotton thread is twisted in our hands, and no string is in the Esthetician’s mouth.

Brow Wax + Makeup Fill – $30

Brow colored powder will fill in your brows.


Soothing Jelly Mask – $10

If you have sensitive skin and get red after a waxing, we can add one of our soothing hydro jelly masks to the eyebrow area to reduce redness.


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